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Top Up EZ-Link via Mastercard

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It is now possible to top up regular CEPAS-compliant EZ-Liink cards with your credit card.

Tops can be done using an EZ-Online card reader, which has to be purchased for S$49. Alternatively, top-ups can be made via EZ-Online, but the EZ-Link card would have to be brought to an AXS D-Pay station for the top up to be effected.


Only Mastercard is supported. In addition, regular AXS stations would not suffice; EZ-Link cards can only be read at the new AXS D-Pay stations.

No Extra Charges

There is no fee for this service during the introductory period, but a convenience fee would be imposed after that.

Luck Draw

From 15 October 2009 to 31 October 2010, anyone who links a MasterCard credit or debit account to his or her EZ-Link card using either the EZ-Reload by Card or EZ-Online service can participate in a contest to win free rides.


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0 #1 top up ezlink 2013-10-11 09:50
I want to top up using my master card
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