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Management Buy-Out (MBO)

MBO refers to the acquisition of ownership of a company by its management from its equity owners.

Minimum Sum (CPF)

The Minimum Sum is the amount that a CPF member must set aside in his or her CPF account at 55 years of age to meet retirement needs. Up to 50% of this sum can be in the form of a property.

Money Market Fund

A Money Market Fund (MMF) pools together funds from investors and invests in the safest and most liquid of assets, typically time (fixed) deposits. MMFs usually do not carry an initial sales charge, but have an annual management fee, which is factored into the unit price.

Most Recent Quarter (MRQ)

MRQ is used by stock analysts to measure a company's most recently available financial ratios (in particular those related to debt positions). See also entry on TTM (Trailing Twelfth Months).

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