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Also known as accounts receivables or trade receivables. Receivables are a type of short-term assets, which are essential debt owed by debtors such suppliers and other business partners.


Stands for Real Estate Investment Trust. A Reit invests in a portfolio of properties and distributes as dividends the rental income to unit holders of the Reit. A Reit trades like a share on the stock exchange. In Singapore, Reits are required by law to pay at least 90% of their incomes to unit holders as dividends.

Return on Equity

A measure of a company’s profits relative to its shareholders' funds (also known as Shareholders' Equity). High returns on equity can be achieved by taking utilizing leverage.

Revalued Net Asset Value (RNAV)

This is the Net Asset Value, plus any unreognised revaluation gains on assets that are reported in the balance sheet at cost or a historical book value. Revaluation gains may occur when assets (particularly property and occasionally biological inventories) increase in value over time.


An offering of shares to existing shareholders. It allows shareholders to subscribe to new shares in proportion to the shares they own in a company. Rights are a way for companies to raise capital from shareholders (as opposed to from borrowings or from new investors)

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