Lantrovision – Ultra-Undervalued Ultra-Penny


Some ultra-penny stocks (defined as those with share prices less than 10c) have received a lot of negative attention lately, for their dramatic price surges and equally dramatic plunges. What sets Lantrovision apart from the heap?

Lantrovision (LANT:SP) is a Singapore-based information technology company listed on the Singapore Exchange, operating mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Korea. It is involved in the sale, installation and maintenance of integration network cabling systems.

Why Buy?

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Risk Factors

Similar to:

1. Ntegrator (NTEG:SP)

2. FDS Networks (FDS:SP)


Highly undervalued according to fundamental analysis. Compares very well among listed peers and offers good potential for a special dividend. BUY.


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